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Forexrupees.com is a website created by forex retailers for people like you - forex hobbyists. Our goal is to contribute to the Forex community by sharing trading settings, ideas and knowledge. If you also want to contribute and help other traders, you can write to us! Send us your article and if it meets the quality criteria, we will publish it on our website. Before submitting a guest post, here are some guidelines that you must follow: Your essay should be about Forex, Cryptocurrency, General Trading and Funding. The guest post you want to send must be at least 600 words in length. It must be 100% unique and not published to any other website. It would be nice if you included at least one image / chart with your content. Your article should be easy to read, interesting and useful for forex traders.

Why Should I Submit My Guest Post? What Are Benefits?

Good question! Article writing is not easy and requires a lot of knowledge and time. So, why should you write us a Forex article? Besides the fact that you can help young and ambitious traders, you can get some exposure and gain your name within the industry. If you wish, we can add "This is a guest post by ..." at the end of your post, so other Forex related sites may contact you and employ you! Or maybe you have a commercial or financial website that you want to promote with your guest post? If so, please feel free to include a link to your website.

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You can post the "How" article, share your personal story ... how you started trading Forex, and how you managed to become a profitable trader or anything like that. Maybe something about your preferred direction after the trading strategy? Or maybe you can write an article for us about the indicators you love and your advice on managing money? There are a lot of things you can write about when it comes to trading Forex.

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